Blackjack Rule Variants

Within the regular game of blackjack, there are lots of basic and complex rules which tend to influence the house edge. In here, we’ve listed them, coupled with an explanation to help you clearly understand for when you next play real money blackjack.

Hit or Stand on Soft 17

Hit (or stand) on soft 17 is the most common rule difference in blackjack games. The smooth 17 is one which includes an Ace valued at '11' and can also be valued at Seventeen or Seven. Seventeen is the shared value that a dealer would usually be forced to stand on.

Also, the house edge is relatively higher when the dealer has to land on soft17 rather than stand on that specific value. The difference between that and the house edge is around a 0.2% increase when the dealer hits sot 17. Many casinos use this rule, and those that don't make up for it with other laws, so make sure to look over the entire ruleset.

Resplitting Rules

Rules for splitting doubles can be challenging to decipher. Though complex, the more liberal they are, the better it is for the player involved. Usually, split hands which aren’t Ace can only be hit, and not doubled down on, which is quite typical. When the player doubles down on the divided hand, then the house edge is decreased slightly.

Having the ability to Aces is especially vital for the player, as most blackjack variant count Ace and 10-point card hands right after a split as natural, paying them at more helpful odds for blackjack. The standard rule is that split Aces get one more card and stand, though if the player has the chance to hit hands of split Aces. It reduces the house edge by 0.13%. If the aces can be resplit, then the house edge is lowered by 0.03%.

The Number of Decks

The standard number decks most online casinos use these days is eight. The fewer decks used, the more benefit it is for the player. Naturally, when fewer decks than eight are used, and the casino will make up for it with other less favourable rules.

If an online casino offers blackjack with fewer decks and few disadvantages rules changes, then this house edge should be significantly lower compared to other casinos. Please get in the game while it lasts as most casinos are known to release such fun for a limited time, and retract then once they have attracted new players to the casino.

Natural Blackjack Payouts

Now, the standard payout for winning when it comes to blackjack is 3 to 2, which may not seem much better compared to the even-money payout on expected wins, though you'll be cheating yourself if that's what you believe. Also, some blackjack tables pay 6:5 on winning naturals, coupled with some even money. It is the most popular and vital of the standard rules variants to pay close attention to in all ramification. As this 6:5 payout spikes, the house advantage by 1.4% as well as even money payout increases it by an astounding 2.3%.

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